…I felt glad of being underway to a different world.

~ Orhan Pamuk ~

[The Museum of Innocence]

In waking dreams, I am your shadow.

I watch you watching me while a greater existence watches over us. Your tears, I kissed them. They became my soul ocean, a tender space of radiance where I move forward towards the sun.

The ocean, it calls me back into its deep where your spirit waits to unfold me. Your tenderness, infinite blue silver threads of grace weaved into waters of unity, so tender, so calm, even the dead come out to dance. Your body, a body for my soul. Your mind, wholeness for mine.

Tenderness. Life needs you, your beauty-loving world, your wings, your cherry blossom touch, your healings. You alone can still the storms across all seas and whirl debris into rooms of inner peace.

Come tenderness. Look into the eyes of my soul mirror and see, dead can dance. I saw them dance, Kemal and Füsun, to the music of long waiting penetrating tenderness and silence.

In waking dreams, I am your shadow.

copyright ©2011 naomibacker