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We are living in a period of intense transition. This idea that the human experience is changing faster than fast is a topic, which fascinates yet chills me. Slowly but surely we are rewriting our humanity without having any control over the script. We are being sucked and seduced into a technological entity and experience, which is charging and changing everything we are about.

In the next 20 years, the emergence of a conversational user interface between human beings and computers will set an explosion of new capabilities and transform all aspects of society, says Phil Bowermaster, writer of The Speculist in an interview with Ian Jukes. Hence, we may witness “… a hybrid of machine and human intelligence, which will replace human intelligence as the primary power on earth.”

In The World Wide Head, David Weedmark poses an interesting question. “Have you asked yourself how you would be affected if the internet suddenly came to stop one day?”

Not too long ago, I found myself in a state of deep reflection as I was examining who I am becoming as I communicate more often with like-minded spirit-minds inside the Big Brain. I was rethinking my connection with people whose eyes I can not see, whose voice I can not hear, whose silence, and whose sounds, I am unable to seize in person with my senses. I even thought about the lack and loss of seeing the manner in which people move and the colors in which they like to dress.

A world wide head without a body has a lost dimension.

If the system collapses, and it just may – we do live in a world of fatal accidents –  I believe some of us may fall into a coma, a blur, a deep sleep. My only hope is that those of us who fall will awake to rediscover that the touch of true hands, not virtual ones, will illuminate our body-minds and save us. But then again, I hope by that time we humans will not have lost the art of how to use our hands to touch and to save.

In the face of change, I cling to it. I sing to it. I make art to it.

The real touch between the hands.

~ Essence ~





I shall grind

my heart

against the petals

of your beauty,

until I am smooth

and sharp,


perfectly flawed.




~ Essence ~

poem by ©2010

David Weedmark





My art was inspired by this beautiful poem written by acclaimed Canadian poet and novelist David Weedmark. A longer version of the poem was first published in his book Postcards from Paris in 2006. Also ~ if you are a geek who loves art and literature visit www.pencilsandcrayons.com and be welcomed with this part of the poem ~ Essence ~