Each time I create, I am in awe of the process.  To create is a mystery and to be in the presence of this mystery is an enigma. And to explore this enigma is a gift, I feel this deeply. As an artist, I like to stir in curiosity and exploration, exploring a woman’s voice in a creative piece of work. This voice does not live in a world of certitude. It loves the questions and the mysteries, more than it loves the answers. A woman’s voice, what does it resemble? Where is the center of her gravity when she is silent or when she speaks?

I am many beings in one being. A shape that dances. An invisible embrace. An exquisite stillness. A creative soul spinning into circles of consciousness. I am in need of the divine creative experience as much as I need love and light. Creativity heals and brings harmony to the spheres. It recovers the voice that has lost its language. So why xn3? Because it is more then just about me. Every human is a creator. And every day we are creating our lives. We are all different yet ~ all connected to the same. I feel the certainty of our oneness and the certainty of that which binds us all together. It is beautiful, painfully beautiful, the creative process that gives birth to images of energy.

But, to be exact…

x = for mystery, the mystery of creativity and the vital forces of the creative process. It is an enigmatic inner journey into the unconscious and the deeper layers of the self. The process is the experience.

n = for now. I am absorbed by the wonder of now. In the present moment creativity loves living. This is where the light travels and where consciousness discovers life. n = also for my name, naomi. The “I” within the woman that is an instrument of the me. The “I” is inspired by language and literature, powers in poetry, and human emotions that summon up beauty and love. These are some of the forces that set off whole waves of pulsations, which I try to translate into images. These images become poems, prose, and sometimes even stories. Yes, “I am fascinated by words—but where we meet is in the silence behind them.” (Ram Dass)

3 = harmony. To form a solid form there must be harmony. And harmony is three. Light. Love. Life. The spiritual meaning of three invokes expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity. Three means the spiritual powers are there for you.

art = the way. The way into life-giving brightness and the way out of woundedness. Art activates the mind, deepens connections, and has beautiful conversations with itself. And when beauty enters the mind earth and everything sings.