“Sometimes I think that we could all benefit by returning to that state of naive innocence

when we didn’t know any better as artists/writers/musicians.”

~ @Skinnyartist ~


There are moments when I do not feel like doing the usual. I want to forget my to do list and go off-track. I love these fabulous off-track moments in what I call: endless possibilities in creative goofiness. They are left over ingredients from my childhood when I would lock myself up in my room and just experiment.

I do not have much time for my experiments anymore. And frankly, my challenge is to keep a certain amount of focus in my artistic life. But it does so happen that at night time I still sometimes feel this urge to learn something new and be experimental. It’s just like when I was a kid in a world that went dark and quiet. The stillness made room for new sorts of sounds when nobody else was around.

Here then two of my off-track experimental moments. The first one, Undercover, was made when I was sitting in front of my computer at around mid-night playing around with Garageband.

Pendulum, the second one, was made at the height of a concussion in 2009. I had injured myself twice in a matter of a few months and for more than eight months I suffered from severe head pains as well as numbness and tinglings in my hands, arms, and limbs. On my off nights, I spent hours just lying on the floor trying to cope with my physical pain and exhaustion.  In one of those unbearable moments I decided to distract myself by taking my camcorder and film some of my body movements on the floor, which I later learned to edit in iMovie. I looked paler and sicker than a vampire, so sorry I kept the lighting nice and dark.

I do not take my experiments very seriously. However, after reading this colourful post ‘A Return To Innocence’ by Drew @Skinnyartist, I made a shift in perception and consider now some of my off-track moments as equally important as my on-track moments. So, this is my reason for blogging now some of them. Hope you enjoy my tiny kaleidoscopic experiences.